Carbon Fast for Lent

St Peter’s Maney - A Carbon Fast For Our Planet

The earth is getting warmer as a result of increasing amounts of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. This is caused by human activity, especially the burning of fossil fuels. We can help slow down this process by reducing our consumption.

Ash Wednesday 18th Feb

To begin our carbon fast, remove one light bulb in your home and live without it during Lent as a reminder of what you are doing. Please choose carefully – we don’t want any accidents!

1st Sunday 22nd Feb

Gospel Mark 1.9-15

Meat production uses a lot of energy. As we remember Jesus fasting in the desert, how about having a meat free day or, if you are vegetarian, a dairy free day? Try not to buy bottled water but carry your own container with water from the tap. Don’t leave taps running, especially when brushing your teeth. Use collected rainwater to water plants.

Fairtrade Fortnight starts on 23rd February. The Fairtrade mark promises a fair price for producers. Look out for Fairly traded products when doing your shopping.

2nd Sunday 1st March St David’s Day

Gospel Mark 8.31-38

Pray for grace to live differently from the culture around us and to know that a life filled up with material possessions can be empty. Are there things that you can do without? Could you give something to a charity shop? 

As new life starts to stir around us, think about what plants you might grow this year, especially those that are good for bees.

3rd Sunday 8th March

Gospel John 2.13-22

As we remember Jesus overturning the tables of the moneychangers, think about where your money is invested. Do our investments encourage the exploitation of the planet or can we use our wealth more positively?

Save heat and light in your home or workplace. Keep doors closed when rooms are not in use. Use draught excluders and close curtains to prevent heat loss. Do not leave computers on. Change your old lightbulbs for more efficient ones, including LEDs. Should you insulate your home more or get a more efficient boiler? When buying new appliances, look for the AA rating.

The Farmers’ Market in Sutton Coldfield is on Friday 13th.

Mothering Sunday 15th March 

Gospel John 19.25-27

When buying flowers and fresh food, try to avoid purchasing items that travel long distances, especially those imported by plane. Try to support local farmers, growers and producers. Try to buy things with less packaging. Take your own bag when shopping.

Passion Sunday 22nd March

Gospel John 12.20-33

As we prepare to journey with Jesus to the cross, think about the trees around us. Place your hands on the trunk of a tree. This living organism gives us life by converting carbon dioxide to oxygen. It may provide food, fuel or habitats. Consider planting a tree somewhere as a gift to the next generation.

6th Palm Sunday 29th March

The Passion

Consider walking to church today if you can, or make another journey on foot or on public transport rather than in the car. If you drive, look at ways of reducing your car’s impact. Low tyre pressure and high speeds consume more fuel. When changing your car look for more fuel efficient vehicles.

Palm oil production is causing massive deforestation and a loss of habitats for many creatures, including orang-utans. Palm oil is used as an ingredient in many products, from biscuits to shampoo. Try to avoid products with palm oil in them.