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How you can get involved


  • Try to buy locally grown food whenever possible, and shop for produce with the minimum amount of packaging. 
  • Consider reducing your car usage if at all possible. Walking and cycling is good exercise, and care sharing is a good opportunity to catch up with friends.
  • Switching to a green domestic energy supplier may not be any more costly than one of the main suppliers.
  • You may be surprised to learn the size of your carbon footprint! Log on to the WWF website to perform a short (~5 minute) personal carbon footprint audit and get some ideas for more sustainable ways of living. 


  • Remember climate change issues regularly during prayer. 
  • Promote green issues in the church through sermons and talks, and consider using the Green Communion liturgy 


  • Consider supporting the climate change campaigns currently promoted by Christian Aid.  
  • Support the move for churches to divest in fossil fuels. 
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