We all have a duty to take practical steps to care for God's creation, particularly at a time when the world faces rising temperatures, growing population and loss of natural habitats. Eco Maney is a group from St Peter's with the aim of promoting green issues within our congregation and maintaining our Church building as responsibly as we can. We also want to reach out to other churches and the wider community in Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham, and to promote national and international campaigns. Please follow the links below to find out more! You can also read the address given by Eco Maney member, John Heywood, on Climate Sunday 2020 here.

John Heywood, Owen Cain, Molly Cooper, Sue Fenoughty, Graham Gomm, Sheena Heaton, Diane Littler.


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Creationtide Eco Quiz 2018

Carbon Audit for Lent 2019

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